Design Profession Peculiarities

Posted November 30th, 2012 by juicersposts

Designer is a creative profession, and, as any creative person, designers are mostly сan not stand bureaucracy in any form. Still, designers should somehow organize their production processes. Detailed specification documents are absolutely required for any quite heavy project implementation.
Probably for any solid design studio (I mean big business players), which formed a harmonious “manager-designer” relationship, the things we are discussing may seem pretty obvious or even banal. But in accordance with previous experience I can say that none of the three firms in which I worked and which were involved in various business areas (offset printing, full-service design studio and etc.), there was simply no interaction between competent managers and designers. I guess the management of the first two offices haven’t even heard about project documentation. However, a certain number of managers tried to make out at least primitive plans, but their work was useless, zero effect.
Actually, all these working points depend not only on the management but on the designer as well. It’s relatively difficult for the people with limited experience to be aware of all the nuances, especially for those who practiced self-education. I always recommend such people to finish at least some courses in design.

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