Biggest surprise of the debates so far

Posted October 5th, 2012 by Paul

By far the biggest surprise is just how good Romney looked. His answers were direct and corrected Obama whenever it was an incorrect statement, and he was very clear about what his priorities were with each point he made. He didn’t look pompous or arrogant like he has in many previous interviews and video clips that have floated around.

To be fair, Obama was really surprised to find that Romney had changed his stance on quite a few issues, including his tax policy and plans for health care. This seemed to throw Obama off of his game because many of the points Obama was making didn’t make sense given the changed position Romney had. One of the best sites to gain insight into the election is CNN

Another thing that helped Romney is that he did the age old trick of “promise everything” so that he seemed to be capable of giving the people everything they could ever want, without having to raise taxes. Obama seemed a little more realistic by saying he would raise taxes on the wealthy to support many of the initiatives he had planned which would be costly.

There are few men who have accomplished as much as Arnold has in a lifetime.  To be Mr. Olympia a record setting number of times, an entrepreneur, an A-List actor, and finally Governor of the most populated state… all while being an immigrant.

His list of accomplishments goes well beyond that we’ve stated, but there is a reason tons of people look up to him as a great man.  While he has his faults, just like everyone else, he still has done way more good in the world than bad.

During his days as a champion body builder, he would be using all sorts of weight lifting equipment and while crossfit equipment hadn’t appeared just yet, he has hosted the regionals several times at this Arnold Expo in Columbus, and always watched the crossfit events.  Always appreciating the athleticism and spirit of the games, and even cheering them on and doing some 3-2-1 Go! as well!

Beyond his ability to motivate thousands of people to strive for something greater, he also speaks to people’s minds as well.  He states that the mind will almost always break before the body.  So it isn’t the body that gives up, but the will.  And the will to continue pushing through that extra rep, when all you want to do is give up, makes the difference between becoming a champion and not.